Circus Marcel

In 2006 Chloé Vancompernolle and Joppe Wouters decided to realize their big dream: to start a new Belgian circus.
Thanks to the financial support of the Flemish government, they were able to purchase a beautiful circus tent and after adjusting and improving it, it fitted the regulations.
They devised a set, built a floor, designed and realized all the circus equipment, bought stands and rebuilt them to fit their tent… and thus, by the end of 2007, were able to start working on the first production of “Circus Marcel”.

The show G4

A circus tent
An audience
Circus artists warming up.
In a minute they will be carrying out daredevil jumps,
they will launch themselves from a swing all the way into the canvas,
they will climb up a rope 52 feet high, and…
A musician appears. In a small car.
Will the musician and the circus artists find each other?
‘G4’ rediscovers old circus techniques, looks for purity:
no clown’s noses, oversized shoes or characters…
‘G4’ combines breathtaking technical skills with staggering honesty. Each player is itself.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Austere and warm poetry…

‘G4’ is new and innovating thanks to the unusual placing of the stands – the audience is seated in an almost complete circle around the arena – the extraordinary circus techniques, the sophisticated lighting, and above all the wordless interaction between the circus artists and the musician.

‘G4’ is not an abstract performance, but an accessible show. It forms a unity with humor, modesty, poetry, and exuberance alternating each other. Sometimes small and intimate, sometimes big and spectacular.


Tobe Wouters

Leuven, 25th of October 1976 Tobe Wouters is born at 6 o’ clock in the morning. Nine years later he joins the music school where he starts with the trumpet and euphonium to discover the bass tuba at the age of 12. After one year at the academy of music in Ghent, he transfers to the academy in Antwerp and plunges into the professional music scene when he’s twenty. Various orchestras (Nieuw Vlaams Symfonisch Orkest, Opera Royal de Wallonie,…), adventures with Think of One and many other bands, wanderings through theatre (Theater Luxemburg, De Vertelcarrousel,…) brought him to Circus Marcel.

A new adventure for Tobe and his tuba…

Joppe Wouters

At the age of 13, Joppe Wouters takes his first circus lessons with Circus Estropov, which is linked to the Steiner school ‘De Es’ in Antwerp. Shortly afterwards, he joins the Antwerp academy of circus arts ‘Kay Fou’ where he takes on juggling, the unicycle and ladder balancing. After secondary school he passes as if by a miracle the entrance exam of the ‘Ecole Supérieure des Arts de Cirque’ in Brussels. He starts as a juggler but ends his education with a degree in teeterboard acrobatics. In 2003 he rebuilds a Lada Niva into a multifunctional acrobatic device called ‘Joplada’ which he will use in more than 350 shows in 10 different countries.

From the age of 15 onwards he learns to weld and turns into an expert on design and realization of circus equipment.

Together with Chloé Vancompernolle, he decides in 2007 to start ‘Circus Marcel’. Besides his acts with the Russian Swing and the Korean cradle he’s also the technical and administrative manager.

Jan Willem Maes

Jan Willem Maes fell in love with the circus at the age of 22. Not sure yet about the seriousness of his feelings he starts with the teacher’s training at the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles’. It turns out to be a true passion as he works his way up as a trapeze artist at “l’ Atelier de Trapèze” in Brussels and later with ‘Tout Fou tou Fly’.

In 2003 he decides to found his own company: Cie les P’tits Bras’ which, through his show ‘One… Two… Trieee…’ earns him world fame in Belgium, France, Poland, Spain, Austria, Senegal, Peru and Zimbabwe.
Now the time has come for a new adventure, with a real tent: ‘Circus Marcel’.

Chloé Vancompernolle

As a four year old, Chloé Vancompernolle takes dance classes at ‘Danses & Cie’ in Tournai which takes her to Poland to star in ‘Marie-Antoinette’. Eleven years old, she discovers the trapeze at ‘Mômes Circus’ and travels to Germany and China with the trapeze act ‘Elodie & Chloé’.

After her training at the ‘Ecole Spupérieur des Arts du Cirque’, she represents Belgium with her swinging trapeze act at the ‘Festival de Cirque Francophone’ in Egypt. After a dazzling career as a trapeze artist at ‘Les Araïs’, she takes the plunge and founds together with Joppe Wouters the new circus ‘Circus Marcel’. Besides acrobat and trapeze artist, she’s also the administrative manager and above all the driving force behind this giant project.

Anna Buhr

Anna Buhr is born on 16th of February 1978 in Paderborn – Germany. After her training at the ‘Ecole Superieur des Arts du Cirque’ in Brussels, she starts her career as an artist on the vertical rope with various companies. She performs with ‘Les Oisseaux Fous’ and is co-founder of the Cie Acouphène. She also works with Théatre du Préau, la Cie Cahin-Caha, La Cie de la Valise ,and more recently, with Cie la Manoeuvre. In 2007 she joins the crew of Circus Marcel.

She specializes in vertical rope and works around movements both on the ground as in the air.

General management: Chloé Vancompernolle & Joppe Wouters
Direction: Erik Wouters
Composition: Jon Birdsong & Tobe Wouters
Lighting: Olivier Grimmeau & Joris Schoenmaeckers
Design and realization stage: Bart Wouters & Joppe Wouters
Design and realization circus equipment: Joppe Wouters
Photos: Antoinette Chaudron
Engineering: Oliver Zimmerman